Tony Edwards

Hey, I'm Tony

Software developer, Pasty Muncher, Hip-Hop Snob.

I'm currently on placement with Plymouth Software as part of my degree.

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The recent Software Cornwall Business Connect Event, hosted at the Pool Innovation Centre, brought together 140 people from across the South West to discuss the future impact of Technology in the region. The varied mix of company owners, developers, designers and media gave the room a great buzz, making it the only place to be on a cloudy June afternoon....
Software Cornwall Business Connect 2016 is an invaluable resource for checking out browser compatibility for many CSS and JavaScript API's. I recently sat down to decide the front end stack, and more specifically the basis of the layout system, for a long-lived project. I flashed back to Jen Simmons' Enhance Conf talk, 'Progressing our Layouts' where Jen demonstrated how to integrate Google Analytics and Can...
Can I use settings flyout
In the excitement of scaffolding a rails project, more often than not I forget to create the database, resulting in a moment or two of confusion. Thankfully, if you have CreateDB installed its as simple as entering one command into a terminal prompt. createdb your_database_name CreateDB can also do some other amazing stuff, but thanks to the rails way of...
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