Tony Edwards

About Me

Hey, I’m Tony.

I’m currently studying for a BSc (Hons) Web Applications Development with Plymouth University, splitting my time between Plymouth and Penzance.

I created my first website back in 2002. It was a simpler time back then. Learning the basics of web development was as easy as viewing source and poaching the good stuff. Table layouts….those were the days. Today I try to create responsive standards compliant, cross browser sites and apps using a variety of modern web technologies.

I always try to create a scaled back solution to a problem before reaching for a library. It’s a great way to learn. I firmly believe in understanding the problem a library solves before using it. Then npm install it.

Whilst at uni I’ve been adding to my front end experience, learning about what it takes to make great software. Usability, software design and database development are some of the modules covered as part of my course. As you’d expect from a degree, I’ve been exposed to lots of languages including PHP, Java, C#, JavaScript and ASP. As a web developer I’ve gravitated to a web stack which includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node.js, PHP and WordPress.

Before starting university I had a four year hiatus from web development whilst working in retail. I climbed to the dizzying heights of a store manager for a national chain. I learned a great deal about the hard work and commitment needed to run a successful business and managing a diverse team. After an especially long summer I had a moment of clarity and decided to throw myself what I enjoyed doing……web development.

In May 2015 I started a 15 month placement position with Plymouth Software, working on Rails, iOS and Android applications. As part of my placement I’m encouraged to develop my own side projects, the first of which was to re-develop an existing project¬†from PHP to Rails.

I could go on for hours, but I expect you’re a busy person. If you want to know more, get in touch. Perhaps we could grab a coffee.

I’ll bring the cake.