Tony Edwards

Giz Edwards

This is a WordPress theme created for Giz Edwards, a lucid dream vlogger from Cornwall (and my baby brother).

The brief for the initial phase was to create a responsive replacement for his existing site. Videos are responsible for the majority of traffic, placing this content front and centre was top priority. This is the first of my own projects that I have managed using an agile methodology, with a six month timeline, to allow development to fit around my studies. Currently the first sprint has been completed, which happened hackathon style over a weekend. Future sprints are being completed remotely, working with Giz over Skype and using Trello to manage the requirements backlog.

The site use the WP-Bootstrap theme as a starting point for a consistent cross device experience. Video posts are served using a ‘Custom Post Type’ which employs the FitVids jQuery library to resize embedded videos. On the main feed, automatically retrieved thumbnails are taken from YouTube which are lazily loaded into the browser. This reduced page load time by over a second compared to the old site.

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Skills, Tools and Libraries

  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Responsive Design
  • WordPress Themes
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