Tony Edwards

Purely Web Design

This is the WordPress theme for my portfolio website, built from scratch.

The the layout is based upon my own minimal responsive HTML boilerplate, which uses inline-block elements to provide a collapsing layout across screen sizes.

The portfolio section uses the jQuery plugin MixItUp to provide a sortable gallery of projects, managed via a custom post type.

Following the initial development I set a performance budget with the aim of breaking the 1000ms barrier. I managed to reduce the render time to between 650ms and 1300ms (dependant on page) using a combination of:

  • Conditionally loaded assets
  • gzipping
  • img srcset
  • File concatenation
  • File Minification
  • Image compression

View the project on GitHub

Skills, Tools and Libraries

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Responsive Design
  • SASS
  • WordPress Themes
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