Tony Edwards

Sennen Cove Redesign

This website was created as part of a piece of coursework for the first year HCI & Usability module. I received an average mark of 92% for the website and related usability report.

I was tasked with analysing, and redeveloping, an existing website for the usability topics explored in class. I choose for redevelopment as I’ve used it a number of times in the past. The site has a large library of great content, but it is not presented in a modern format.

I created a responsive layout loosely based on Daneden’s  toast grid, which uses inline-block elements as opposed to floats. The main bulk of development time was spent on formatting the content to fit within a modern website. For this I looked at how the BBC present content on their news website. The webcam images are pulled directly from the original site to provide fresh content.

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Skills, Tools and Libraries

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Responsive Design
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