Tony Edwards

Video Caster

Video Caster is a single page web application for casting videos to a secondary screen. I built this app as an interface for a University Assignment.

The brief was to create a new interface for an existing problem domain. I choose to look at video steaming over the ages, focusing on YouTube like services For the module we were asked to address a range of issues:

  • Meta data and tagging
  • Code quality
  • User feedback
  • Recent and future technologies
  • User experience

The app is written using a mix of JavaScript and jQuery giving it speedy feeling and it’s drag and drop interface is well suited to touch screens. The responsive layout was achieved using the Bootstrap framework. Plugins provide additional functionality including a welcome tour and dynamic modal feedback system. The videos themselves have been wrapped in markup to help search engines accurately index the site.

You can look at the code on GitHub.

Skills, Tools and Libraries

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Responsive Design
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